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2016-07-12_1741In May we lost our beloved little girl, Ellie at the age of 16, she had a very long and happy life with us….. She found us one day, somebody had abandoned her when they moved out of their apartment and for a week I heard meow, meow….. I couldn’t find the source of the cries, I called the maintenance department, they couldn’t find what I was hearing.  Then on the Saturday afternoon, when I was convinced I was crazy…… My Stepson, Dougie, came over and within 5 mins he said “Can you hear that??” I was ecstatic !! YES!! We went on our hunt. I found nothing but then….

Here comes Dougie with a straggly, skinny, hot mess of a cat…She had to be no more than 5 months old…. He told me she popped her head out of the eaves of the house, he called to her and she came to him, she had been in the attic for about a week with no food or water…. We grabbed a can of tuna, she ate it like she hadn’t eaten before, gave her water and she promptly sat down on my chaise and peed all over it….

2016-07-12_1740When she died we swore we wouldn’t get another cat…. Well that was until a friend on Facebook posted pictures of a tiny kitten that she had found when she had gone for an interview, the kitten’s brother had been hit by a car and didn’t make it but she managed to rescue the little girl and was using social media to find the baby a home…. On the second day of searching for a new family, I showed Doug the kitten picture…. He said tell her we will take her…. I was totally shocked but so excited!

We brought Zelda Love home on Friday July 8th…. She is now our little tiny baby.  She weighed just 650 grams, which is less than 1.4 pounds when we got her, she is now over 750 grams, she is eating like a champion, taken over the house, scaring the dogs and everything belongs to her and we couldn’t be happier.

2016-07-12_1745We called her Zelda Love because of our love for Christina Grimmie, who was murdered on June 10, 2016. We adored this amazing young girl.  We watched her Christmas specials, she followed my daughter on twitter, we rooted for her when she was on The Voice, we were planning to see her this summer…. We couldn’t believe that she had been gunned down by a crazed monster and her life had been cut short at the age of 22.

When we got the kitten we knew what her name would be. In honor of the work that Christina did with the Humane Society and in her memory, we called our new baby Zelda Love, which is part of the name Christina used on the internet.  ZeldaxLove64

So this little corner of my site will be filled with pictures of a growing Zelda Love, who we rescued and we love and adore! Glams xo


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  1. I will certainly enjoy watching this special kitty grow up

  2. bobovnvet says:

    So very sad my dear About your loss of Ellie! I know how you are feeling my dear ! My little girl Patience is 14 years old & is the love of my life………… I wish I could show you how very close she is to me…………. Again my dear so sorry Glammy……….😢

  3. betty says:

    It is so difficult to lose a beloved pet. I am so happy Ellie FOUND YOU! You will never lose the feeling of love you had for her. How wonderful you now have Zelda Love. Love the pictures. Sorry I could not watch the video. I have a very difficult time seeing the cruelty the ASPCA and other rescue facilities put on TV, but I always send them donations throughout the year and especially at Christmas Thanks for sharing this with us Glammy.

    • Glammy says:

      You’re very welcome Betty!!! Christina was the National Ambassador this year and she won a $250,000 donation to her local animal shelter, it was announced 2 days after she was murdered. She would of been so happy that she won, she worked so hard to care for everyone including animals xo

  4. bobovnvet says:

    Sorry I got the name wrong my friend………….😢

  5. Adoring Zelda Love so sad about Christina may she be at peace you honouring her by naming your new kitty it’s so touching thanks so much for sharing Glammy ❤️❤️❤️

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