When Stars get Tips

Well the “stars” have settled into the Big Brother house, picked their beds and made alliances and yes one of them is causing a tad bit more drama than the others and it’s not Omarosa!!!! No the drama queen of the season so far is the wine swigging Brandi! Oh my….

The feeds tuned on at midnight EST and low and behold Brandi was shitfaced, slurring her words and wanting to play sha-rads… So she grabbed the gang and headed to the living room while spilling her wine, then she subjected them all to the rules of charades, as if they were stupid.

They were all playing, having fun and laughing…… Then things got strange when Brandi tried to act out Jumanji and I can’t even tell you how awkward I felt when she pointed at Marissa’s nose to get to the word Jew….. I just, mmmhhmm, I lasted about another 5 minutes after than.  She really is a friggin idiot and classless.

So this morning I turned the feeds back on to catch Metta talking to us about having a hard time when he first entered the house, he was missing his child and now hangs out with the owl teddy bear to make himself feel a little better.  He really appears to be a nice guy and I hope he lasts a while in the house.

In the kitchen we had Omarosa and Marissa talking about the antics of last night, apparently when I went to bed all kinds of nonsense broke out and yes it was all thanks to drunk Brandi! She was up in peoples faces, saying things she shouldn’t, jumping on Shannon….. Marissa said she was hiding the wine so Brandi couldn’t drink more….

The topic of conversation today is going to be should they discuss the drinking with Brandi or not.  Omarosa isn’t sure if they should, while Marissa is convinced that the guys will bring it up.  I guess Brandi was that bad and people are now slightly miffed.  Oh well, what do they expect it’s Big Brother after all!



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  1. betty says:

    I was worried about Omarosa being in the house, but she seems like a gentle kitten compared to the antics of Brandi. It seems Brandi has a real drinking problem and the sooner she is voted out, the better. Unfortunately CBS will keep her around for awhile, because she creates so much drama! I won’t watch the feeds or even tune into Jokers to see what is going on, as frankly I don’t care for this Celebrity version of BB. CBS had to put on something to compete with the Olympics and if this is the best they could come up with, I feel sorry for them.

    Thanks for a great write up.

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