The Return Ticket

2016-08-17_1652Not much has been going on inside the wall of the campaigns, once the Veto Ceremony took place on Monday, it’s been pretty quiet.  The nominees have resigned themselves to the fact that the Bromance of the Century will come to an end on Thursday…… Paulie has been attempting to make as little pies as he possibly can get away with and Corey has basically snuggled up with a traffic cone to pass the time.

2016-08-17_0102The Fem Party are pretty secure in their plans that Paulie is going home, the only thing they have tried to pull is rattle Captain Vanilla and his Traffic Cone, by saying that there are rumblings around the house that Paulie may stay, but really it’s a dead end because James basically confirmed this afternoon that Corey was safe….. but maybe to be totally sure he should go speak to Natalie about her vote…. As if Nat and James aren’t going to vote together *eye roll*

2016-08-17_1736We all got a little excited over the news that there was an additional episode that will air this Friday…. Oh we all thought that there was going to be a battle back comp, probably the wall….. Remember back to season 15 when Judd and crew were on one side (Helen allegedly got shoved off the wall) and the other 8 Hamsters were on the other-side? Well I really thought it was going to be that, but alas…. It was just Ziggy Marley in the backyard giving them a concert and they won prizes, bonus help in the game and crap like that!

2016-08-16_1206Here’s were it gets interesting, for me anyway, I have a feeling that Paulie has the return ticket and he will re-enter the house and play in tomorrow night’s HOH…. It may be an endurance comp, Tea Cups or Walls, something like that…. I think this because he and Captain Vanilla will both be in the footage on Friday night and CBS normally likes to keep the continuity going throughout the season (boys can’t shave, girls can’t dye their hair etc) If it’s a flashback to something that happened prior to eviction it’s normally in black and white… Are CBS  suddenly going to say…. “This past week on Biiiiiiiiiig Brother”? It just doesn’t add up for me.

2016-08-17_1748So this is why I think that Paulie Pissy Pants will be evicted and come right back in the bloody door! With that being said, can you imagine the drama and chaos this would cause? If he won the damn HOH and tried to nominate 2 people only to be told that Victor or Michelle were his co-HOHs for the week and each person gets to nominate 1 person? All hell would break! It would be kinda hilarious on the feeds…. So what do you guys think? Hugs Glams xo



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  1. Lora says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I would trade the drama for his permanent eviction!

  2. Julie says:

    In that case it would be awesome if a last minute flip occurred and Corey got evicted. It’d be worth another week of Polly – which we’ll get anyway – to see Nicole’s reaction.

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