The Messiah Formerly Known as Jozea

2016-06-25_0003_001Just when you thought you had the cast figured out Jozea had to open his mouth and it all went to hell.  Day 2 of the live feeds were just a little surreal…. We had 2 more alliances form, the new competition results came out, a Messiah was born, a Veto was played and a meeting was held, Da’vonne kept her cool and James couldn’t believe the fool.

2016-06-24_1525Everything appeared normal when they all woke up…. We finally figured out that the new competition was called Road Kill and that Frank had won, he won the power to nominate another house-guest, he secretly nominated Paul….. So there are now 3 nominees on the block…….. Jozea, Paulie and Paul.

2016-06-24_1523Everyone waited patiently like good little hamsters for the Veto Players to be picked, we suddenly had fish and when the feeds came back on 8 Pack were ecstatic with the picks and were convinced that they were getting Jozea out of the house, the players were Nicole, Jozea, Paul, Paulie, Corey and Da’vonne…..

2016-06-24_1521Jozea and Paul tried to understand how the Veto worked, Paul asked if he used the Veto on himself if he won could he be re-nominated, Jozea wanted Paul to use the Veto on him if he won because you know everything would work out then…. The pair of them stood looking in the mirror talking among themselves throwing out different stupid suggestions.

2016-06-24_2155Finally we get Jeff on the feeds and the live feeders walked away from their computers and got on with their regular lives for a few hours. This was going to be a long break as it was the first Veto, Michelle was hosting and rules had to be explained…. When the feeds came back on Paul had the damn Veto around his neck!!! How on earth did this happen??? No worries Jozea was still 8 Packs target….

2016-06-24_2356This is around the time that everything started to go sideways…… Jozea started telling people that their was going to be a meeting at 2 am….. Well the people that weren’t invited ie 8 pack started to get pissy and some how a meeting was accidentally called in the Have Not Room….. and Jozea just went off……

2016-06-25_0004He told the group (including Da’vonne and James) that he was the Messiah, he was Obama, he was going to solve world peace and it was going to start right up here in this bitch….. He was going to make sure everyone knew he was running this motherfucking house and it wasn’t Nicole running shit…. .Oh he was the man and they were all just going to play his game…. It was going to be free dandelions for everyone (I was unaware that dandelions cost money, I thought they were weeds that grew in the yard, but oh well) Bronte then jumped in trying to show she was in control, quickly Jozea cut her off and started waving his arms around and talking more crap.

2016-06-25_0007_001Da’vonne, she was a star, she sat there nodding and saying “yes” over and over while sipping on her drink, she was not able to control the total contempt that she had for him via her facial expressions but she has learned so much from last year, only 12 short months ago she would of screamed and had a meltdown herself, this year she left it to Jozea to shout “Point……..Blank…….The Period” (he messed up the phrase more than once it’s actually “and the period”but who’s counting his mistakes?)

2016-06-25_0001Poor James, he just stood there looking from side to side, smirking while Jozea wasn’t looking in his direction, at one point when Jozea announced he was the Messiah, James fist bumped him….. He probably wanted to make good TV but hey it was already kinda great…James said nothing apart from “I hear ya man” and “yep” It was comical watching the Vets reaction to crazy!

2016-06-25_0022_001After the meeting everyone scattered, Paul went around the house making sure people didn’t think he was with the crazy boy who thought he was Obama…. Paul cornered Paulie begging him to let others know that he wasn’t like “that” and he was worried he was going to go home….. Paulie reminded him that he had the Veto and he was safe this week…. still Paul went on and on!

2016-06-25_0012Frank chatted with Corey about the whole mess, during this conversation Frank showed that he is just a big guy with a little brain…… Frank said that 8 Pack were solid and that he was convinced that the girls would never turn on them and form their own alliance, unknown to him, this has already happened and Fatal 5 has formed….. It’s Da’vonne, Zakiyah, Tiffany, Nicole and Michelle….. Poor Frank I think him and the boys may be in for a blindside in the near future…..

2016-06-25_1024As the dust settled, Obama Jr started up again…. he formed his own ultimate alliance which he called The Revolution…. Seriously? The Revolution…… Prince is rolling over in his grave, I wanted to slap the shit out of Jozea right there…… His new alliance members are Victor and Paul…. The Revolution are going to take over the world and the house…. this may be a little difficult because right now Jozea is the house target and he has absolutely no protection from anyone, including his Revolution….

2016-06-25_0212Tiffany finally got a chance to tell Paulie who she really was, he said he kinda knew but wasn’t sure, he told her his dad loved Vanessa and they drilled each other on the departure board and told one another things they had heard and seen around the house…. The siblings may actually form a really good alliance, once the bomb squad, sorry I mean 8 Pack disband in about 10 minutes, Paulie and Tiff may work together, and quite well….. Only time will tell.

So here’s to another crazy day in the Big Brother house.  Not sure if we will have the Veto meeting today, but because the person Frank nominated is going to use the Veto on himself, Frank gets to name the replacement nominee and not the HOH….. Today may be as crazy as yesterday, buckle up I think there is turbulence coming.  Until Tomorrow Hugs Glams xo


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  1. Alicyn says:

    Yay! So glad to have your BB blog post back 🙂

  2. Deana says:

    Excellent blog, Glammy!!❤

  3. Excellent!!!!!! — Killed me they thought the veto ceremony/renom would be two parts and the live show was absolutely on Sunday when I had to stop watching LOL — Did they ever settle that? Awesome Job Glammy as always 😀

  4. betty says:

    Wonderful write up Glammy!! All I can say about Josea is…Someone should put him in a uniform, give him a gun and send him to the front line in Syria, maybe this would make him shut the fuck up, but unfortunately this would only make him wet his pants!! I can hardly wait to see him evicted!!!

  5. Debbie says:

    Great blog! Now I know what you were talking about!

  6. betty says:

    Does anyone know what went on between Tiffany and Frank yesterday, which put her in tears?

  7. MissG says:

    Glad to see you back Glammy

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