Team Sitting Ducks

2016-08-25_2240Last night’s episode was one of the best I have seen in a very long time, the jury segment had me dying laughing…. Paulie I am so happy that the girls grilled you and laid you out, you deserve everything you get, you were a disaster on the show and apparently you are not doing much better in the Jury house!

2016-08-25_2223When Victor won the Battle Back, again, I cheered.  I am so happy that this kid has made Big Brother history, he may become the first person ever to win the game after being evicted twice, that would be a huge deal and would show future contestants never give up…. even if you are evicted. Vic Vic Victorious!!! WOOHOO!!!


Nicole cut a deal with James, if she won the HOH she wouldn’t nominated him….. Now here’s the thing that boy was shaking and hurting, he was looking over at Nat constantly trying to eavesdrop on the conversations she was having with Victor, he was close to falling off….. He cut a last minute deal with Nic and then tried pulling the mom card and fell off.  Nicole won the HOH…… then she immediately started having a change of heart regarding the deal she had just made….. I think James may get Shellie’d……. Karma may be a bitch for James, I have my fingers crossed that Nicole, Corey, Victor and Paul join forces and get James out.

2016-08-26_0159Now onto my favorite alliance ever….. Team Sitting Ducks, these two boys, Victor and Paul have literally battled everyone, been nominated, won veto’s, HOHs, been betrayed by every alliance they have been in and one of them have been evicted, twice only to come back in epic style and still they are going strong. Their latest move is to buddy up with Corey and Nicole.  After their chat with Nicole and Corey last night, it looks like Michelle and James could go on the block….

2016-08-26_0938Nicole said she didn’t want to be a liar and her morals were kicking in…. Shockingly Corey, the voice of 5 reasons, stepped in and listed off all the reasons James should go on the block today…. I was kinda stunned that Corey wants to work with the boys and take out James, Nat and Michelle…. He likes the idea of having a higher chance of getting to the final 4 with the boys rather than a possible kinda sorta maybe thing with James.

2016-08-26_0927I can’t wait to hear the results of who is nominated today, I will be dancing around if it’s James…. I would love that! The only question is will Nicole take the advice of Corey and actually make her first real alliance in this game or will she crumble and nominate Victor and Michelle instead? Oh one last thing…. Michelle cried again….. Never Cared!

Until later Hugs Glams


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  1. tedstrutz says:

    It would serve James right to be put on the block, but probably Paul and Vic. But, she might listen to Corey. Love the diamonds, Princess.

  2. Della Gordon says:

    Spot on Lady ! I enjoyed the show too and Nicole (horrible excuse for a hg) better nom James. I am hoping Paul and Vic (mylatinlover) move to end, and one of them wins. Loved your blog as always. xoxoxo…Della G. PS – If you can do another show with Eric, that would be Fab, love your take on the game !

  3. starfish says:

    Always love your humor and your take on the show. It was a great show. Why does everyone hate James? I don’t hate him but I do know he’s played a safe game but came through when needed. I do not like Paul at all. He’s a big baby, bully, manipulator, etc. etc. etc. Mama’s boy about to be abuser. I’ve seen it all before with personalities like his. That said, I think Victor is the one to beat and I would love to see him take it all but I really have no big fav.

  4. bobovnvet says:

    Thank you Glammy, such a cool write up! 💕You crack me up all the time my friend, I would like to see Nec get her nose out of the armpit she has been in all season & go for James…………… :mrgreen:

  5. Carmen Dalziel says:

    Oh wonderful tea & just what I was waiting for! Glammy your thoughts, wants & LOLZ were exactly me! #TeamSittingDucks

  6. bcmarie says:

    I finally watched it tonight. Wow, did Paulie ever look uncomfortable in the jury house, and he is still stuck with the 3 cats til next week lol.
    I second that you do another session with Eric 🙂

  7. Betty says:

    Great write up Glammy. Nicole should know deals on BB are not worth uttering. Look what James did to Frank and Bridgette!! I would have laughed hysterically had Nicole put up James and Nat! I love Paul and Victor and believe me I will do a happy dance if I see Natalie sent to jury!! I just can’t stand her bragging and poor me attitude!!

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