President Paulie Down in the Polls

2016-08-13_1238The sun rose over the Big Brother Campaign Offices, however, the birds were not chirping, the flowers were dying and President Paulie was sobbing over the horrific poll numbers that are hitting his desk…. Paulie had been so confident that he was going to win that he didn’t see the Feminist Party gaining ground on him and silently taking away his supporters.

2016-08-13_1329_001It all started on Wednesday, while the President was running his mouth, throwing around insults, lying, blaming others for his mistakes and being preoccupied with his dashing good looks, hair and taller boys…. He didn’t notice the Feminists had united and were in the process of turning his campaign upside down.

2016-08-13_1331First the Feminist Party managed to evict the Presidents Secretary of Sex, she went out in a blaze of glory on live TV, President Paulie was a little pissed that his sexy piece had been sent to the jury house but hey somebody must want to fuck him, right?? Nope nobody wanted to take on the job of Secretary of Sex, so the poor Prez would have to sleep alone from now on….

2016-08-13_1332The Presidential Campaign managed a quick jab, and knocked out a leading member of the Fem Party, when his VP Corey won the HOH….. Bridgette was a casualty of the slight upper hand that the VP and Prez had for a hot minute and off she went to jury…..

2016-08-12_2140Then the Fem Party pulled off a mega win, and one of their newest members managed to become HOH, a win that would throw the Prez into a hissy fit of epic proportions.  Victor was crowned the new HOH! Now the Prez thought that Vic was his boy…. He didn’t know that Vic and his Secretary of Defense, Paul and the Secretary of Showmances, James, had defected to the other side. So when the nominations were announced, the shit hit the fan!

2016-08-12_2144The President and his VP were nominated for eviction, they had been blindsided by the Fem Party, who they were so sure they were going to take out one by one…. but no, the ladies (minus Nicole) and a few fabulous men had banded together to stop the Paulie Pushcart from steamrolling all the way to the end and win it all!

2016-08-12_2249Paulie cried, he sobbed, he hugged his VP, claiming he if he won the Veto that he would fall on his sword for the campaign and use it on his VP, so that Corey may claim victory in mid September….. The VP said, no sir I can’t allow that, but the Prez was adamant…. He was going to be a man.


While the Prez and his VP consoled one another in the bathroom, Victor and Paul were clinking beer bottles together and drinking, laughing and having a good old time….. Paul actually took the Campaign mascot off for a minute (the duck ring) while they celebrated the coup that had just taken place.  Once the beers were empty, the kiddy water wing was reattached and off they went back down stairs prepared for the debate that was about to take place…

2016-08-12_2147_001Once the Prez wiped his tears up off the ground, off his shirt and off his face, he went on to his evening rally…. He stood in front of a disgusted group of non-supporters, blaming Michelle for causing all the chaos that had engulfed his campaign…. She snorted and laughed at him…… He demanded that Victor tell him his strategy…… Victor responded with “What happens if I don’t have a strategy?” The Prez continued his tirade and announced that the defectors who had committed treason against him stand up and be publicly shamed. He made no sense what so ever.  He even claimed that he threw the HOH competition because he knew something like this was going to happen and he wanted to know that his gut wasn’t wrong…..

2016-08-12_2151Then he continued his campaign of mocking and insulting the traitors to his boys (3 of which are not actually his boys) making promises to his crew that they were going to be in his wedding party, almost claiming that he would call his first born son Corey Paul James Victor Cauliflower…. It was a hot mess.

2016-08-13_0028Then he had behind closed doors meeting with the leader of the Fem Party, Natalie, he claimed he was not the one that came up with the FT comments (even though it was him) He never apologized, he blamed and finger pointed, he threw the campaign bus at each of his boys and said it was basically a mistake that he was nominated…. All while trying hard to win her vote to stay and to continue his trek to the glowing blue stage and screaming fans where Julie Chen would crown him the winner….

2016-08-13_0038After the meeting the Prez asked Nat to bring James to him in the Africa Room…. She disappeared for a few minutes then came back to inform him that James was asleep.. Natalie immediately ran back to the have not room where James wide awake and told him how full of shit Paulie was, they giggled and snuggled in the bumper car.

2016-08-13_0059_001Sadly the Prez found James and ratted out everyone in the house and everyone he had ever met, complained about what had happened to him since birth…. How hard his life had been fighting off better looking, taller men with his fists and fighting words…. It just wasn’t fair, but it was OK because he knew James had just slipped and fallen for the Hot Latino girl, even though she was a typical Jersey girl, he understood that James wasn’t strong and all was forgiven and they could get the campaign back on track….

2016-08-12_2345For the majority of the night, the VP just laid in bed, trying to figure out what he had done wrong, listened to Nicole whine and complain, and never really interacted with anyone, he knew he was the VP and the Prez had to fix this whole mess that Michelle had allegedly started…..

2016-08-13_1312So today is Veto….. They are playing hard to win… ALL OF THEM!! Victor, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, James and Paul are playing, with Natalie hosting.  It will be interesting to see who wins, if Nicole wins and pulls the VP down then the campaign is over, Paulie will be booted out of the house so fast he won’t have time to pack properly…. That is if he stays because he is claiming he is throwing in the towel on continuing his family tradition of winning money in Big Brother, he is threatening to leave the game and refuses to go to jury…. Such a sore loser, but it’s so fun to watch!!!

Hugs Glams xo




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  1. Mompa says:

    Your best blog yet, dear Princess!!

  2. vonn892013 says:

    I so love this blog and so glad he was finally dethroned.

  3. bobovnvet says:

    Thank you Glammy, 💜love this blog my dear……… :mrgreen:

    • Glammy says:

      Thanks Bob xo

    • Lostie says:

      Hi Bob… how u doing my friend?… it’s been a Busy 48 Hrs in the BB World… i been Loving it… so many Changes in the House… we will talk later… take care …♥…

      • Glammy says:

        Hey Lostie!! It’s been totally nuts in the house, I am shocked that they turned on Paulie so fast, glad but shocked

        • Lostie says:

          Im Proud of the Ladies in the House cause it was them that started this whole thing on Evicting Paulie started… with Nat, Bridg, Meech… then when they got James & Paul involved it all Turned Around on Wed nite… and now we have a New Power Five in Charge and with a Comp Beast Victor helping them…

          im Glad ur Happy with BB again… Much Love…♥…

  4. betty says:

    Great write up Glammy, I chuckled all the way through it. Paulie is a spoiled little brat and I hope after the show he climbs under a rock somewhere and stays there!!

  5. Lostie says:

    Ahhh, Glammy… ur still watching, huh… thought u gave up, lol… u asked who would want to Fuck Paulie… i would Fuck him to Death…im not surprised that Zakiyah wanted to Fuck him so much…

    dont get me wrong… i HATE Paulie and his Misogynist remarks all season but i would still Blow or Fuck him anyday, Lmao… i hope u stick around this time.. we all miss u Dear …☺…

    • bobovnvet says:

      Oh that mouth of yours……………..😝……………. :mrgreen:

      • Lostie says:

        and u LOVE IT !!!… it’s the Only way to talk, Lmao…☺…

        • bobovnvet says:

          Come on now, you know I do not love that kind of language from a lady ….Clean it up will ya……😔
          ……………………………………………… :mrgreen:

          • Lostie says:

            Ahhh, so if i was a Man… i could tell u to Go Fuck Off and Go Jerk Urself Off…Huh?… ur lucky im a Lady and speak the cleanest way possible by saying All the Fucking Fuckity Fuck words i can think of, LMFAO…

            is that Clean enough for u Mr Green?… i Fucking Love Fucking around with u… u see, we cant do this in that other Blog, Lmao …♥…

    • Glammy says:

      I read twitter on Thursday morning, I hadn’t watched in a month but I couldn’t miss this hot mess go down, and it look like he’s going since he didn’t win the veto tonight!!!! Yes I love when a plan comes together. Somebody sent me an article today that Allison Grodner stated that maybe a jury member will come back if round trip ticket not used, so we may not have seen the end of him lol Love you Lostie!!! xox

      • Lostie says:

        im glad u have Twitter so u can keep up… and ur right bout a Juror coming back… that’s why we are having that Special BB Episode next Friday… it deals with that Twist… so maybe CBS will Save Paulie and somehow bring his Misogynist Ass back into the game… UGH… i Hate his Fucking Ass… and we All Love you Glammy and we Miss You… im So Happy u decided to do this blog so we can talk again…☺…

  6. Debbie Rankin says:

    Love this so much! Perfect!

  7. bobovnvet says:

    Vic won the POV……………. 😜

  8. Glammy says:

    And rumor has it Paulie won a unitard!!! LOL

    • Lostie says:

      here’s the complete List:

      –Vic gave up 5K to Win the Veto
      –James Won the 5K
      –Paul has a Punishment to do a Journey around the house
      –Paulie has a Punishment to Bake Pies
      –Nicole Won a Vacation
      –Corey has to wear a Unitard… a Patriot-Tard

      and the Comp was the Famous ZingBot POV Comp with him Zinging all the HG’s, i havent heard all the Zings he gave yet… im Loving this week…☺…

      • Lostie says:

        here are the Zingers from the Zingbot…

        –James… his Zing was about his height… no big deal…

        –Meech… her Zing was about her Crying and Puking

        –Corey… his Zing was that he cant sweep Nicole off her feet, cause Hayden already did it

        –Nicole… her Zing was about Throwing her Game away cause of Corey

        –Paulie… it was something about Cody or Derrick

        –Paul… his Zing was u have alot of catch phrases “pissed, friendship, never care”… Try this one STFU

        –Vic… it’s best to Zing u in spanish (then Zingbot said in spanish “u are a d-bag”)… i have No idea how to say d-bag in spanish… a better Zing was to say “Chupa Mi Pinga” which is what Vic is always saying to the HG’s, lol…

  9. bcmarie says:

    Good stuff. At first I thought all the Prez & VP talk was referring to Trump but I finally remembered about The Board lol
    I have been glued to the TV all week watching Trump implode, I have the election campaign on the brain and I cant even vote! lol
    Icant get over Paulie and the DR sobfest, it was like a deflated balloon, who knew he would cry so much!
    Sayanora Paulie!
    I read on Entertainment Weekly (EW) that Julie would like to be a part of the zingfest, wonder if that will ever come to fruitition.
    Good job Glammy, enjoying reading your recipes as well:-)

  10. Julie says:

    I love your take on things. So clever!

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