Pinky and The Brain Take Over Big Brother

2016-06-28_1114_001It really was quite a boring day inside the walls of the Big Brother House….. I am surprised the duck hasn’t packed his bags and moved to a wetter climate, I am positive he was as bored as we were.   Only things worth mentioning regarding yesterday are Jozea and Paul continued their embarrassment tour, Paulie was still shirtless, Da’vonne started over thinking and somebody may be in sequester…..

2016-06-28_1110Well it’s not Big Brother 18 without Pinky and the Brain saying 200 stupid things a day and yesterday was no different….. Jozea mentioned that he was in the same realm as PRINCE…. Don’t even get me started, I knew he was a Prince fan when he entered the house in his Christopher Tracy outfit from Under The Cherry Moon but now the boy has gone too far.  Jozea aka The Messiah, Obama and now the Purple One is so confident he is not the target confirmed to Paul that he has a “secure 7” when it comes to votes and he is totally staying this week…. Then the deluded pair proceeded with their plotting of world domination and discussed how much fame they were going to receive after the show….

2016-06-27_1403Apparently the 1st month, after leaving the house, The Messiah will be doing guest spots on E! News and Entertainment Tonight, and it’s going to be utter chaos with all the press and TV appearance….. That coupled with his make-up line launch, Indy Movies and Grammy Red Carpet hosting the boy is going to be just exhausted……

2016-06-27_1626On a lighter note… Paulie is still walking around in pixels, that punishment ends today, don’t worry boys and girls I have a feeling Paulie will voluntarily just strut around close to naked all summer, so the punishment really was just a taster of things to come.  I am actually liking Paulie way more than his brother….. I hope Paulie manages to act like he is going home, so that the Purple Messiah is totally blindsided on Thursday!

2016-06-28_1115Poor Da’vonne, she is starting to go stir crazy…. She now thinks that Paulie and Zakiyah are getting too close, and they are in a real showmance and floated the idea of Paulie going home this week…. When I heard her going down this road I was pissed!!!! No No No don’t ruin this for us Day!! Come on get it together….. She told Frank of her thoughts, thankfully he said it was too early to get rid of Paulie…. I sighed with relief…. Then 5 minutes later she told Nicole!!! At this point I was shaking my head and shouting at my computer… Nicole didn’t pull on the thread that would unravel the whole glorious plan! Hallelujah the plan is still in place….. unless Day totally loses her mind, let us pray she doesn’t have too much alone time to think!

2016-06-27_0016Ultimately it looks like Jozea will go “home” on Thursday in an epic blindside, with tears and total shock from him and his “squad” Now here is where it gets interesting…. Normally evicted house-guests do their interviews with Jeff, followed by the other news outlets in person but Glenn did his interviews via email (a little birdy told me) Which leads me to believe that the first 4 house-guests actually go to sequester and one or possibly two will re-enter the game week 4…… The show is 99 days long and only 16 contestants this year, I’m convinced Glenn is in sequester……. or maybe he is so distraught at going home within 48 hours he’s just trying to forget the whole thing…..

So that’s about it, Pinky and The Brain are nuts, who think they are the masterminds and are getting the most airtime because they are just fabulous geniuses, Paulie was naked and smiling, Da’vonne needed a Xanax and I think Glenn will soon have company in sequester…. Until tomorrow hugs Glams xo



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  1. There is always that one who overthinks everything and stresses us the f out with their attempts to thwart a delectably anticipated eviction!

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    Great summary! Thanks so much!

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