Pies, Cries and Lots of Lies

2016-08-15_0131_001It was fun and games within the dueling campaign headquarters this past weekend….. President Paulie Pissy Pants of Pie Making sobbed, lied and cried….. Pakour Paul emerged making everyone laugh, The VP of endless Expressions turned into Captain America, A Veto was played and a lecture ensued.


2016-08-14_1823_001Let’s get to the actual game part of the blog.  Veto was played and Victor won, he does not plan on using the veto on either Paulie Pissy Pants or the most boring individual I have ever had the misfortune of watching on the feeds VP Vanilla….. So after the Veto Ceremony today expect Paulie not to campaign while campaigning, and not throw his VP Vanilla under the bus while throwing him under the bus…. Yep it’s going to be a weird few days guys!

2016-08-14_1745I swear I have never seen anyone as pathetic and childish as President Paulie Pissy Pants….. He lost the damn veto, big deal, so what, get over it….. start campaigning to stay and win…… but no this boy cried, lied and refused to make pies! Instead he kept doing his own thing, ignored BB and laid out and tanned.

2016-08-13_2123His punishment from the Veto was to bake pies whenever BB told him to, wear and apron and a hat and wave a flag for 40 minutes while the Apple Pie baked….. Would he go along with the game…. Fuck no! He wailed bloody murder…. he misbehaved, laid in bed, sulked in the DR for I think 3 or possibly 4 hours, refused to bake a pie and kept on running around the back yard…… Lied about having a mental illness, started throwing around that his relative was dying of cancer (which apparently she is) to gain sympathy and when it didn’t work started crying over his ex-girlfriend who he went “deep” with….

2016-08-14_2344As part of VP Vanilla’s punishment, he had to dress up as an American Flag guy, with a Bald Eagle on one hand and a Zingbot for President sign on the other….. He laughed, he joked, he giggled with his girl, he never broke a fucking smile or moved that botoxed face of his….. expressionless.  It’s so hard to tell what he is feeling because he has the same space cadet look to his face all the damn time. His personality is about as boring as his blank stare……

2016-08-15_0125_001Paul, who is a total riot, I love this guy, he makes the feeds, his punishment was to dress up as a Secret Service Agent and frisk and account for all of the house guests, when the alarm sounded…. He also had to clear each “checkpoint” He took this challenge on and had the best time running around the house, planting “blow” on the hamsters, jumping over sofas, sliding down the railing of the staircase and running slide across the dining room table each time he passed by…. This is how you are supposed to deal with a punishment, not sulk and complain!

2016-08-14_2206Eventually President Pissy Pants donned the apron, hat and flag…. baked the pie and cried…. While the whole house stood there awkwardly…. Paul announced when the pie came out of the oven that it tasted “great” then bolted for the backyard, James tried to listen to the wailing rants of Paulie but couldn’t take it and booked it to the backyard…. Eventually everyone just got up and walked away….. only VP Vanilla stayed to comfort his boy…

2016-08-14_2338_001Once Pissy had folded up his apron, he went outside to run and BB played the sound for him to make his second pie and we got fish….. He flat out refused to participate….. He apparently kept on running, pissed off production again and had the fans wishing he would go swim with the fishes that were on their screens, when the feeds came back he was getting lectured by his VP about behaving and having fun with everyone…. He was told not to “go out like this dude, I love you” It was pathetic, this spoiled, entitled brat was causing more trouble for CBS and giving us a major headache…. During the 2nd pie bake, nobody except VP Vanilla stood by him…. nobody cared…

2016-08-15_0127Today the veto will not be used by the Fem Party, Pissy and Vanilla will stay on the block, they will both claim they aren’t going to go after each other “Type Thing” but will totally campaign to stay…. well Paulie will campaign, Vanilla thinks he is totally safe and will just wander around the house looking stoned….. Paul will continue running around legally touching up the house-guests while doing Pakour on every surface he can find and The Fem Party will just coast to the end of this week……

So that’s about it…. Lies, Cries and lots of Lies…… Wash, rinse and repeat for today, just les crying Pissy it’s not a good look!! Hugs Glams xo



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  1. vonn892013 says:

    I love your take on this, Princess Glammy!! I so hope Paulie goes and doesn’t have a return ticket. He’s a spoiled little child.

    • Glammy says:

      I really have a feeling that the Friday show this week is a member of the jury coming back, I don’t think anyone has the RT but Paulie may win the jury game and come right back again ugh

  2. betty says:

    Great write up. I really love Paul and I think he is the most entertaining HG. Thursday can’t come soon enough, as I can stand watching Paulie piss and cry anymore. It would not surprise me if he self-evicts after the veto ceremony and then if he does have the RT, this would make it null and void!!

  3. Deb in SF says:

    Not so sure that Paulie doesn’t have a mental illness, even if he did lie about seeing a psychiatrist. He certainly seems to have some sort of narcissistic personality disorder to me, but I am not a shrink. What a despicable person he is.

    • Glammy says:

      He’s a spoiled baby IMO I totally see what you mean with regards to his mental state… I have no idea what the hell is really wrong with him. Apparently he thinks he’s been mellow this week so far, I nearly died laughing when he said that.

  4. Lostie says:

    Hi Glammy… i LOVED u in the Video u did yesterday… how about Sharing that Liquor with us, Lmao… You are So Cool… u can see Glammy here:

    Love Ya, continue ur Great BB work… plus Loved ur Cursing in the Vid, lol …

    • Glammy says:

      HAHAH Thanks baby!!! I am doing another show tonight at 7pm EST because we ran out of time, If I could share the booze thru the internet I would…. Maybe somebody will come up with that technology in a few year 😉

    • bobovnvet says:

      Look I got your mail & I said I don’t mind so much when you may something to me in a privet E-Mail I over look it….But out hear you say something like I love & you know I really don’t!

  5. Debbie Rankin says:

    Best one yet! Go Paul!

  6. Julie says:

    OMG you’re the best! I’ve really missed your BB blog this season. Thank you.

  7. bcmarie says:

    Oh the DRAMA of it all!

    Well, looks like Zakaryia (sp) will be having lots of time with Pissy Paulie. As more and moe HGs leave the BB house for the jury house I wonder how Party Pooper Pissy Paulie will behave.

    They should have live feed cams in the jury house, THAT I would pay to watch 🙂

    • starfish says:

      Yes, me too. I’ve wanted more jury house for years now but they just don’t do it. Maybe there’s something in the contract, who knows?

  8. starfish says:

    Thanks Glammy. You are so much fun to read. I’ve had my son and family visiting since last Tues so haven’t watched any BB. Love reading your take on things and I’m thrilled Pissy Pants Paulie will be going to jury or maybe not if he refuses to go.

  9. bobovnvet says:

    Thank you so much for this blog Glammy! Love the way you break it down💜

  10. bobovnvet says:

    Oh & you are right Paul is growing on me after he put his outfit on & had so much fun with everyone in the house …………………… :mrgreen:

  11. My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a tiring experience, as he wouldn’t let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random subjects and whined about his sleeplessness. I totally told him to click here and deal with it.

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