Paranoia and Delusions Are Rampant

2016-06-29_0145_001Everyday the Big Brother house is like a box of chocolates….. you never know what you’re going to get! People in this house are all over the damn place, you don’t know what is going to happen, suddenly it goes from calm to a cat 5 hurricane over a pair of pants.

2016-06-28_2105_001Where to start? Probably with Da’vonne, who is trying to get James evicted by planting seeds in hamsters heads and playing Audrey’s game from last year, lying up a storm and making things messy for herself.  Day decided it was a great idea to tell Tiffany that James didn’t trust her and wants Tiffany on the block ASAP….

2016-06-28_2128Tiff didn’t take this news well, walked off and found herself the hammock….. She eventually confronted James asking him if they were OK with each other, sadly Tiff never came right out and said do you trust me, it was more of a dance around the whole thing, but they appeared good after the chat.

2016-06-28_1717While the chat was going on Day was nattering to Nicole about Tiffany being untrustworthy and how they had to keep a grip on her because the girl was a loose cannon, couldn’t deal with stress and that she will take any piece of information and flip out…. The reason she was stressed was because Day lied to her……

2016-06-29_0241Anyway that blew over and then we were onto Jozea looking for votes and needing to be calmed down, he sulked and moaned on the beach sofa in the yard, holding court with his “people” talking about how comfortable Paulie was and he knew he had the votes but he needed to be sure……. Lots of eye rolls from the Messiah then Frank arrived to give him a pep talk…..

2016-06-28_1958Obama Jr announced that he was concerned about finding the right agent, you know because he is like Frankie, in the limelight prior to coming into the house and this was a springboard for him…. Frank told to him that there was no fame from Big Brother and only about 1% of the entire population even know what the show is, and the only person who made any money out of the show was Jeff who they did the interviews with…. Jozea almost cried…..

2016-06-28_2203Michelle continued with her cattiness tour and now wants everyone in 8 pack to tell Obama Jr that they can’t wait for 4th July, because he will be so much fun to be around.  I totally want a blindside but there is taking it too far and this is what Michelle is doing.  She wants to cause as much pain and embarrassment to OJ as possible…… It’s not even funny that she wants the entire 8 pack not only to lie (which they are doing) but to stab him and mock him the entire time. This isn’t game it’s her being a bitch. This twit is also going around the house telling people that the DR is giving her information on other HGs…… No clue why she is lying about this, it makes her look even more stupid….  I can’t stand her and look forward to her demise.

2016-06-29_0105Once Jozea had managed to pretend that Frank was full of shit, regarding no fame, he mustered up the strength to talk game with Da’vonne….. He thinks if they all just stick together and get rid of the others everything will be fantastic, and when they get to final 6 or so they will draw straws or skittles to see who is nominated….. Or do it the democratic way and just volunteer for the nomination, you know nice and pretty…. Day sat there nodding and saying yes….. It was just sad to see Obama having little to no clue about this game, he also said that nobody should lie there is no need for such negativity and nastiness…

2016-06-29_0145_002Later in the evening, booze was delivered and the 8 pack got a bit tipsy, giggling laughing and trying their best to rap… It was kind of a hot mess, but they had fun…. then they started toasting themselves and it suddenly got a bit yucky…. They were all a bit full of themselves with James and Michelle leading the pack of braggers…. But the wine will wear off and hopefully they will be less contrite about the other house-guests and give up trying to be next big thing in Rap….

2016-06-29_0211After the wine bottles were empty Nicole and Frank snuck off to the storage room where they danced around the whole, should we make and alliance, you wanna go with me to prom…. I mean final 2…… Within a few minutes of do you want to go with me? They shook hands and decided that they would protect each other to the end and will be sitting on Finale night together…. sadly I think they will be sitting in the Jury chairs together but that’s a whole other story!

2016-06-29_1118_001Now onto Pant-gate…. Victor had the nerve to tell Natalie that her pants were dragging on the floor…. she flipped out ran off and held court with her girls…. and James….. venting about her pants and how rude Victor was. Eventually Victor got a minute alone with Natalie, he apologized and said he was just looking out for her, she said it was OK, they parted company and went their separate ways…..

2016-06-29_1140Natalie headed back to the British room and as Paul tried to come into the room he was told they were having “girl talk” he noticed James in there and then he flipped the fuck out over the fact that it was a meeting of some sort and he was sick of this damn girl talk…… Bronte got up and said she would take care of him….. Then Bronte made up a whole big lie!

2016-06-29_1124Once she got Paul outside with Victor and Jozea she decided to announce that James was in the back room telling the girls that Victor had asked Nicole out on a date and Natalie was really upset….. Victor was confused because he had just smoothed the water over with Natalie less than 5 minutes ago and things were good…. Bronte immediately jumped in saying “Well they are not good now!!!” He was close to throwing his pool cue down and she was like “No!!!!! Just leave it alone”

2016-06-29_1258As the conversation proceeded Bronte was getting snippy, when the boys said they would protect her she snapped “I don’t need your fucking protection, I need you to shut your fucking mouth” This chick is nuts, seriously she started all this drama with Victor, Jozea and Paul and she had the nerve to keep it going by being snotty and dropping F bombs every few mins….. I think she did this to stir up the boys to hate James and they will take out James for her, but there are way easier ways of doing this, she is a dimwit!

Anyway that was “all” that happened in the house yesterday….. Not much, right? Today they are on lock down because BB are building the HOH competition for tomorrow…. Should be interesting all the hamsters locked in a little house with lots of drama and no fresh air…. Until tomorrow hugs Glams xo



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  1. betty says:

    I just can’t stand Bronte. She is the epitome of evil!! It will be interesting to see how she reacts to Josea’s eviction. I really want to see one of the 8 Pack win HOH tomorrow and hopefully get rid of Paul next, which would set Bronte off even more! There seems to be a lot of talk about getting rid of James and I hate seeing members of his own alliance wanting him gone. The house would be so boring without James, so I hope this will all blow over and we will see bigger targets for awhile. Da and Frank are getting on my nerves and I don’t know what to think about Tiffany. She is a bonafide fruit loop!!

    Thanks for another great write up Glammy. Hope you have a great day!!

    • starfish says:

      Thanks Glammy, I do like your write ups for us. Very entertaining.
      Betty, I agree with every word you said!

  2. bobovnvet says:

    Thank you Glam for this E-Mail….Great Info it got me up to date! I like the way you do this Blog… 💕

    • Lostie says:

      Hey Bob… u are all over the place now… for someone that doesnt say much.. ur posting everywhere now, lol… just kidding my friend… Great to see u here also…♥…

  3. betty says:

    Does anyone know how Josea ended up with Tiffany’s hat? If it were mine I would never wear it again, in fact I would burn it!!

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  5. bobovnvet says:

    Hey Glammy I hope that young kid goes home! & thank you again for this Blog 💜

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  7. bobovnvet says:

    Is anyone around??? 😜

  8. betty says:

    Glammy, when can we expect your next post?

  9. bobovnvet says:

    Is this the only time you sent out mail? Or did I miss something :?:… 😲

  10. bobovnvet says:

    Okay got to make some room for my tabs! So nobody comments here Glammy I will come back if I get a new E-mail from you until then take care hope you are well your friend Bob💕

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