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2016-03-25_1433Well things went totally nuts and I lost my entire site, all the years of blogs, comments and pictures, everything just vanished, gone, up in smoke.  Nobody could find a thing, on the phone to technical support for hours, couldn’t do anything… The hard drive on computer was changed out recently and didn’t transfer the file properly.. So I just had to start from scratch….. I am OK with that…

I am still building and fixing and changing the site.  I hope you like the new header, Arianna made it for me, in literally 5 minutes, she took a picture of the wall and added Princess Glammy too it.  I personally love it and it’s perfect for a fresh start and a new beginning.

The new site won’t just be Reality TV but lots of stuff, cooking, crazy happening in my life and many other things, it makes my life easier and I can combine my other sites into one and just manage this one instead of multiple different sites for different topics.

So I hope you like things so far, I will keep on blogging as long as you guys are reading.  Love you all Glammy xo

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  1. Welcome back. It’s looking good 🙂

  2. Lostie says:

    So Sorry about ur Loss… But look at the bright side… at least u didnt Lose all ur Subscriber’s Email’s to let us know about ur new Site…

    Im Sure it will be a BLAST since YOU are The Best in what u do… Love Ya …♥…

  3. Will follow you anywhere your the best at what you do New start new beginning <3

  4. Becca says:

    Glad to see you’re back. I always enjoy reading your blogs whatever the topic. Keep them coming.

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