Idiots, Fools and a Messiah Oh My!

2016-06-26_2137I refused to blog yesterday because I wasn’t going to get caught up in #GoatGate2016, if you want to know about Corey and his rather odd views on immigrants, gays, healthcare, taxes and now goats you can google him. I am also not going to discuss the house-guest’s political views, I am watching Big Brother to get away from the politics!!! OK rant over, let’s get down to the hot mess express.

2016-06-26_1912The Veto Ceremony was held, Paul used the Veto on himself, Frank then secretly nominated Bridgette as the replacement nominee…… After the ceremony Jozea dissected the situation with such skill and accuracy, it was uncanny…. Apparently the person that won the Road Kill was actually Tiffany or maybe it was Michelle…. or maybe it was Nicole or wait it was the duck, no Julie Chen…. He managed to narrow it down to somebody won the Road Kill….

2016-06-27_0016After he had spoken to his people, Jozea showed that he was even more deranged than previously thought.  He announced after Big Brother he was going to get a Grammy Red Carpet Hosting gig, do 2 Indy movies and launch his makeup line….. in Dubai….. where he will only be doing eye makeup…… because that’s all “they” need…. I am seriously not making this shit up!  His words, his words!!! He also has a “backer” who will front him a couple of hundred thousand…… Why is this “Celebrity Make-up Artist” who has the world at his fingertips and money being thrown at him on Big Brother???? Hmm Idiot…..

2016-06-26_2156_001Frank opened up that he had finally heard Jozea refer to himself as the Messiah, and that Jozea was quite excited at the feedback he got from the group at the house meeting, they were apparently in awe of him and would do anything he asked of them…. Frank couldn’t quite believe it, he wondered who on earth does Jozea thinks he is??? Frank, listen we are all wondering the same thing, you are not alone!

2016-06-26_0127_001Oh let’s back up a day, I forgot to mention the fake drunk Paul, who was shotgunning beers and drinking wine on Saturday night, claiming he was “LIT” he fell down, he slurred, announced he was going to vomit, made a fool of himself, wanted to let everyone know that he was wasted over and over again…. He dressed up as that female character with oranges as boobs and nearly ended up in the pool due to his theatrics….He’s that guy that you want to leave the bar because he’s a total arse….. I actually turned off because of his stupidity, it wasn’t fun to watch.

2016-06-26_0137_001Now back to yesterday, oh no wait….. Tiffany turned into Vanessa on Saturday night, Tiff took to her bed…. sulking because Frank snapped at her over a bottle of wine……. Frank tried to make nice with her, apologized but nothing…. she laid in the hammock for about 2 hours with a stupid hat over her eyes, then slithered off to the HOH to sulk some more….. She only got out of bed when basically the entire house came to check on her…. Then by a miracle she managed to compose herself and was in the hot tub with everyone smiling….. It was like night 1 of the feeds last year all over again for me!

2016-06-27_0032Right…. back to yesterday….. did I miss anything else? Nope don’t think so….. So yesterday Bronte showed that she really is a moron and totally believes she is running shit, mouthing off about how she is gunning for people and will make sure that they are GONE!! Bronte has no power, most of the house don’t like her and she is on the losing side, a side that is getting blindsided on Thursday and she thinks she is running this game…. As soon as Jozea is gone she will slide right into his place of delusional nut-job! I am having a really hard time liking Bronte, she is just a clueless idiot.

2016-06-26_2354Oh then we have Michelle…. I called it day 1 of the feeds, she is a snide, contrite brat who is smug and thinks that being with the Vets is an epic idea…. Who does she think the Vets are going to cut at final 5??? Anyway she is right up there with Corey with her nasty opinions on people with addictions, being overweight, drinking too much….. if you want to know about Michelle I am sure you can google her too…. She really doesn’t appeal to me at all…. I hope she is gone soon….. Condescending isn’t a good look.

2016-06-26_2359_001James is being a pest, playing way too many pranks on the house and is now wasting shampoo and conditioner by throwing it out and replacing it with mayo…. He may have been funny for a hot minute last year, but I was more on James side because he wasn’t with Vanessa….. This year he’s just a pain in the butt and needs to be told to STOP THAT! Nicole is now whining about his pranks, and that’s all we need was more whining by Nicole….

2016-06-27_0931That’s about it.. the plan is that Jozea will go home on Thursday in the most epic blindside since Dustin in Season 8……. Nobody in the 8 pack is going to tell Jozea he is leaving.  Jozea is so delusional about staying he actually told Bridgette that they were safe and Paulie is going home…. Bridge is not to worry and he discussed his plans for world domination and taking over the house next week….

2016-06-26_2127_001When this ridiculous person leaves it will be epic, he will flip a table or something…. He is going to go off….. Or possibly cry…. Regardless I can’t wait until Thursday, these people better not blow the blindside and feel guilty and tell him!! I want carnage… he deserves it, he’s repulsive and just out of his friggin mind. Until tomorrow hugs Glams xo



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  1. I don’t know if you have been able to leave the feeds on Paul long enough to notice that all he does is drone on about himself. Anything he allows anyone else, in his general vicinity, to say, gets turned around and becomes all about him. He is an expert in nearly everything imaginable. Last night, he told Bronte that Tiffany knows too much about philosophy to teach children. He knows this because he is an expert in philosophy. As an expert, he knows that anyone with such an elevated knowledge of philosophy must really be a lawyer. Of course, his advanced knowledge of philosophy does not make him a lawyer, but he is an special snowflake, so logic does not apply to him. Well, he isn’t even a teacher, he points out, he only works at an after-school program, but he is planning on getting his doctorate in philosophy. (I assume after he actually enrolls in community college. The first year is the hardest I mean, ya gotta get a bachelors and a masters first…). So, because he is an expert in philosophy as evidenced by his pipe dream of one day getting a PHD in philosophy, he knows for certain that Tiffany is lying about being a teacher (she isn’t), and is actually a lawyer (she isn’t). And, because Tiffany is brazenly deceiving everyone in the house about her occupation, she must GO!

    These people make my brain bleed.

    • Glammy says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!! LOL My heard hurts just thinking about them today

    • Eshara says:

      Erin Very well worded and hilariously true.

      One thing you have to agree with is all these crazies have made for an entertaining start to the season. I almost want Jozea to stay for the insanity but I can’t wait to see the blindside and the fallout.

      Glammy I’m sending telepathic thoughts to Tiffany to stop acting like Vanessa. lol

  2. Kara Grande says:

    I actually wonder about the mental health of Joz once he gets out and realizes how incredibly clueless he actually is.

  3. starfish says:

    Nicely done post Glammy. You sure can turn a word. Josea needs a few things turned and hopefully he’s going out the door very soon. It will be fist in air worthy to watch him scamper out the door.

    I don’t get why Frank has it in for Bridgette? I know she’s not the smartest bulb but she seems harmless to me and she’s a “fan”. I haven’t seen anything from her to put her on Frank’s radar. Anyone know?

  4. betty says:

    Glammy you nailed it. Wonderful write up!! Thank you!

  5. betty says:

    Hey Starfish, Frank put up Bridgette because she was the only one he could put up who was not in his alliance. As you know, Paul has immunity because of the veto and Bronte, Natalie and Victor have immunity for two weeks.

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