Happy Return Ticket Day!

2016-08-13_1238I really can’t wait for tonight’s episode, I want to know if anyone has the return ticket and if Paulie will struck back into the house like a proud peacock…. If he doesn’t then we probably won’t get a double eviction because of the number of weeks and number of house-guests left…. I really hope something major happens tonight because I just renewed my cancelled feeds and I will be pissed if I am shafted out of some type of entertainment on the feeds.

2016-08-18_0039Not saying that last night wasn’t epic when Baldwin the profanity laced Bald Eagle went ape shit crazy on James or the Puppet Show hosted by Paul, where he roasted the entire cast, but it would get kinda boring if that was our fun feeds for the next 5 weeks…… Is there 5 weeks left or possibly slightly more?

2016-08-17_2233I really want all hell to break, I want Nicole sobbing in a corner wailing “Coreeeeeeee” when they are both nominated, I want James and Michelle being the target of Paulie because it’s apparently all their fault…. I need Natalie to totally meltdown on Paulie and Corey for being the dick heads that they are…. I need her to get mad and scare the hell out of the boys…. All 4 foot 11 inches of her! I think it would be hilarious if she won the HOH tonight and she was the one to send Paulie, Corey or Nicole home…..

2016-08-17_1631The game has to keep flipping back and forth, we can’t have 1 person in charge of the entire season ala Derrick, it is boring, we hate watching the same shit every day, we need people making more moves and telling more lies to get to the final 2! I wouldn’t mind losing James, I really can’t stand the sigh of him…. I am over him giving the nominees the heads up because he is scampering for votes, he needs to STFU and explain himself on the finale night of how he played them not told them everything he was doing!

2016-08-17_1616So tonight I want the return ticket to be in Paulie’s bag, yes I hate the sucker but come on…… he comes back, it’s the teacup HOH and Natalie slips and slides her way to the win and then Michelle or Victor get the care package, just imagine how the “cool kids” would feel knowing none of them won anything worthwhile and the other shoe would drop that we can’t stand them!

Now that would be feeds Gold…. Oh and we would have the added bonus of Paulie wimping over baking Apple Pie for another week, while waving his limp flag….. See you all tonight on twitter!! Happy Eviction Day!!!!!!! Hugs Glams xo


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  1. bobovnvet says:

    Great write up Glam💕 Thanks The East Coast will be able to watch the BB show tonight, no Football game😜 ………………….. :mrgreen:

  2. Julie says:

    I totally agree with you! I want Nat to nominate Corey & Nicole so bad! But, talk now is she wants Paul out. Hopefully Victor gets co-HOH and they go with Plan A.

  3. bobovnvet says:

    Goodbye & thanks….see you soon …….. :mrgreen:

  4. 蒂欧娜 says:


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