Gordon Ramsay Back on Fox this Summer

You know I am a total fan-girl when it comes to Gordon Ramsay, I nearly fainted when he started following me on twitter, literally nearly past out, so I am thrilled that he will be returning to Fox this summer with not one but two shows.

2016-05-03_1338First we have Hotel Hell. I love this show, the hotels are always just hideous and falling apart, the owners are a bunch of hot messes that have no problem sobbing or fighting with Gordon. He puts up with their crap and tries his damnedest to figure out what the real problems are behind the facade of the crumbling walls.  Normally its not just bad management that have caused the hotels to spiral into disarray.

He’s done an incredible job of keeping these hotels open that were part of previous seasons….. I have read that only one has actually gone up for sale with the rest staying in business, I could be wrong and others went under but as far as I can tell he has done a good job of helping struggling business owners and their shacks rise from the ashes.

This show is fun to watch, he is abused, he abuses right back, he is appalled by the decor, the staff and the dated menus in some of the worst hotel restaurants you will ever see.  He works his fingers to the bone with his crew each week and pulls off a miracle (all made for TV I am sure) Plus you get the added bonus of a bare bum Gordon trying to take a shower in some moldy bathroom at least once a season…..

Hotel Hell returns to Fox at 8 pm on Tuesday May 24th!

2016-05-03_1339Next we have my all time favorite Masterchef.  I have been obsessed with this show since the moment it aired, I fell in love with each and every kid that appeared on the Masterchef Junior seasons, but I am ecstatic that the original edition is coming back.

There are going to be a few changes this season, sadly Graham Elliot left the franchise, I did love him and his glasses, plus his banter with the kids on the Junior edition was just great to watch, so I will miss him.  Graham can’t be replaced by just one person….. no he is being replaced by multiple celebrity Chef’s including Wolfgang Puck, Richard Blais and Aaron Sanchez to name a few.  This will be a new concept for the show not having 3 regular judges and it will be interesting to watch the guest judges interact with the contestants, Gordon and Christina.

I love the way the judges makes connections with the contestants throughout the season, so this change will be either a hit or miss, I really don’t know which way it will go, but I will be watching. With that said I do see a slight problem…… It would suck if Wolfgang Puck came in and you were the leading contender to win the show, he hates what you made and you went home because he doesn’t know your backstory or previous work.  This is reminiscent of Top Chef when a judge comes in for a quick fire challenge and suddenly it’s also an elimination challenge with a front runner going home…. Only time will tell if this will work out for the show or not.

Masterchef returns to Fox at 8 pm on Wednesday June 1st.

So that is my Tuesday and Wednesday’s booked for the summer.  I can’t wait it’s it May 24th yet?




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  1. betty says:

    Thanks for the write up Princess. I adore Chef Ramsey and I am addicted to Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef, although I was very disappointed when Joe Bastianich left MC. Chef Ramsey has done amazing things with hotels, but I must admit his cooking shows are my favorites. I really love to cook and I know one thing, I would not last a New York minute in Hell’s Kitchen!! LOL

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