When Good Friends Lie

This saga is better than any reality show you have ever watched….. You won’t believe the lies my “friend” told me while attempting to make me think she was in danger, stranded and alone….. Where do I start? I guess at the beginning…..

My friend, we will call her “Jane” I’ve known for over 20 years.  She’s the friend that every few years finds herself in the middle of some type of drama, or has said things that didn’t quite fit or made sense and gets herself in trouble….. Stupid shit, things you let slide because she is your friend……. Well I now think she is clinically insane and takes total delight in causing problems for people….. I nearly became her latest victim.

Lets go back about 7 days…… Jane claimed that her husband, we will call him “John” was divorcing her, he took her to court last week and had her thrown out of their house in Maryland because John apparently had a child from a previous marriage and John and Jane didn’t have children together….. So the judge sided with John and gave John his house back and Jane had until Monday to get out……….

I heard nothing more about the “divorce” until Saturday night, when Jane contacted me via Facebook messenger, asking if she could come visit me in Florida, I told her of course…. She said she was driving and would be on the road by 6 am. I didn’t know at this point that John wasn’t her husband and they didn’t actually own a house and she wasn’t anywhere near a Court House this past week, so I said yes she could come visit, take a break and feel better…. She said she would be arriving on Sunday or Monday….

At midnight Saturday she was posting on Facebook about football or something, nothing out of the ordinary….. I went to bed… At 10:46 am on Sunday morning I text her to see if she was OK and if she was on the road, I was stunned by her text of “So we drove all night…. got a hotel this morning to sleep…. he went off and beat the shit out of me and drove away now I’m stranded……Wow you must have had some sixth sense….. I mean literally beat the shit out of me my face is swollen” I asked her where she was (at this point I thought she maybe in North Carolina or somewhere) she said Orlando….

Now here’s the thing, it takes about 17 hours to drive from Maryland to Florida, including stopping to pee, filling the car up with gas (numerous times), grab something to eat at McDonald’s etc and there is no way in hell that you could of driven from Md to Fl, got a hotel, had the crap beaten out of you all within 10 hours and 46 mins….. I am not stupid I knew she was lying right there……..

After announcing she was in Orlando (at the entrance of Disney no less….. didn’t stay on I-4, nope she had John drive to a hotel totally off the Highway)  she claimed that “he trashed all my stuff all my bags are ripped” I told her she had to call the police…. to which she replied “He’s gone there isn’t much I can do now, can you tell me how to get to your place from here?” Another RED FLAG she didn’t ask us to come pick her up, she wanted to make it to my house herself, bruised, swollen, bags torn…. I asked how her how she was going to get to my house? She wanted to get a train, I told her there was no train…. She said “Okay I’ll figure it out” 

Stunned at her blatant lies I said “OK let me know”…. I didn’t even offer to drive over to Orlando to get her but I did sarcastically say “hey you could get a bus……” Then suddenly she added another layer of BS onto her story……. She said her dad was 3 hours away and was coming to get her but could I check out buses just in case…. I asked her was he flying? Answer was No….. he was driving from Maryland because he was going to drive her to my house once he picked her up…….. Her father had too of had a teleporter to get from Maryland to the Sunshine State…… I mean how else was he going to get here in record time? Also why did her dad not freak out and call the police when he found out his daughter was beaten in a hotel room in Florida? Just another observation!!!

She then volunteered information on her “dad” that he was living in Maryland with a horrid step monster……I was floored so I responded with I was going out for a while and she texted me back with “Okie Dokie babe” Now think about this, you are swollen, alone, stranded in a strange State in an hotel and you are totally OK with your “friends” going out for the day and not even offering to come get you…… Yep that’s what I was thinking too!!!

I text her at 2.05 pm Asking “How are things going” no response, I then text at 3.09 pm asking if everything was OK and claimed I was worried…… Immediately she gets back to me with “Sorry he took my charger I had to walk to get one from the store.  Yes I’m okay just sad waiting on my dad, he should be here soon hopefully….” Remember this is the girl that had been beaten up a few hours earlier, had a swollen face, her bags were ripped and she didn’t call the police, but she thought it was a great idea to go walking around Orlando in broad daylight with a smashed in face and nobody said a word……

Back to the text chain…….. I asked her when she had last heard from her “dad” she said “about 2 hours ago but he won’t answer the phone while he is driving because he’s old school” I was thinking at this point I thought her dad was dead, so I asked is this your real dad or your mothers husband? Answer  “No I didn’t ask but my bio dad not close to him at all, the step dad I was close to passed away 18 months ago”  I apologized for the loss of her step father and was wondering who in the hell this “dad” was she kept referring to, so I said “your real dad is coming from Maryland to Florida to pick you up??” Her reply “Yes real dad I haven’t seen in 5 years so I’m shocked he is coming….. we weren’t fighting just lost touch” Well by this point I am dying laughing saying to my husband I would be shocked too!!!!

Next few text are from me about food, what I was cooking, claiming my house was a mess….. no answer for hours, then “He’s here…. ugh my phone doesn’t get messages well in this state lol they all come in at once and I don’t like meat so that works as well LOL I’m looking forward to your food it always looks so incredible”

By this point, I no longer found any of this shit funny, I am now furious…… hours go by, I want to watch the Kardashian’s (yeah shut up there was nothing else on) I text her one last time “Are you staying in Orlando overnight or heading south to us?” Nothing……. total radio silence…….. Then a few hours later she Facebook messages me “We are going to stay in Orlando tonight, I am not getting text messages on my phone, I’ll be over to your place in the morning” Now how the hell did she know I had asked if she was staying in Orlando if she wasn’t getting text messages? Quite the coincidence, huh?

I couldn’t understand why somebody would want to waste my weekend and their own over total lies and BS, after the Quantico was over I started to google………. I found John’s Facebook page and no mention of driving to Florida, no mention of anything actually………. His relationship status was “Civil Union” I found that odd because there was not one picture of this Civil Union or a date…. Nope nothing…. John appears to be quite a normal looking guy with a daughter (Jane is not the mother) He posts pictures of his child eating pizza and hanging out, he posts silly little quotes like “I am so happy you stabbed me in the back because I used your knife to cut ties with you” You know joyous little comments on Facebook regarding his relationship status with Jane….. But no mention of going to court this past week, which once again was odd, since he had just won his house back…..

I googled her name…….. I could only find 1 marriage, to her ex husband who we will call “Justin” (name changed because they have 4 children together and they have nothing to do with this whole mess) So Jane was never actually married to John…Jane never went to court last week, Jane wasn’t beaten and left in a hotel room in Florida, Jane probably doesn’t even know her father’s phone number… Jane never left the state of Maryland, she was just totally messing around…… I have no idea why, I don’t care to know, but I am kinda pissed off and sad that one of my oldest friends is a total nut-job and I can’t and won’t have people like that in my life.  I hope she gets a good doctor and some decent meds because she seriously needs them.

I feel terrible for her family they have to have her in their lives… me I just blocked everything about her including her phone number on my cell…… It’s such a damn shame when good friends lie but I think this goes way beyond that.




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  1. Lostie says:

    Hi Glammy… that’s quite the story… i want to ask u… in the last 20 yrs… did u EVER meet Jane face to face?… if u havent, i dont see how u considered her ur “Friend”… Online friends are non-existing… but if had indeed seen her before… what took u so long to realize her illness?… but like i said, that was quite the story …☺…

    • Glammy says:

      Yes I know her, she was one of my best friends in Maryland….. we used to do everything together, when Bailey was a baby she was there when he took his first steps….. I am still friends with her ex husband and his soon to be new wife. I lost touch with her for a few years but reconnected and went thru her divorce (her real one) and I have no idea when she snapped. It’s quite terrifying to see this happen, but I have a feeling the oophs moments she had (small fibs and kinda big ones) were actually warning signs that I totally missed because of the distance and not seeing her everyday xo

      • Lostie says:

        Ok, i now totally understand ur story… when i read it, it seemed so Unbelievable, i found it hard to believe… but now, i do… im So Sorry for ur friend… i can see how u didnt notice her change… being disconnected for years can do that to friends & family… im Praying u will be able to slowly re-connect and try to help her…

        i cant even imagine how Terrifying that w/e was for u, waiting for her… maybe taking a short trip to MD and seeing her surroundings and how her life is now there, it will help u to help her recover… Good Luck Glammy …xox…

  2. betty says:

    It is always sad to lose a friend, but enough is enough. Hopefully she will seek out help, which she obviously seems to need.

  3. starfish says:

    That’s one of the most bazaar stories I’ve ever heard. It sounds very much like someone who may need serious therapy or possibly she’s on drugs. Drugs do that to a person and I know first hand because of watching my brother spiral out of control. I sure hope she gets the help she most definitely needs.

  4. Breaks my heart to read this happened to you. Last year I walked away from a seven year best friendship. It’s hard. I miss her but had to do it. I hope you can find some peace. You’re too good of a lady to have that in your life!

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