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2016-06-23_0941I have really tried to like this season, I have tried to watch the feeds, I have tried to tweet about the show, but I got so bored that I have literally not watched in weeks. On Sunday’s I am watching Real Housewives, Wednesday is Master Chef and Thursday is Flipping Out or whatever is on Bravo…. I normally have a ton of shows in my DVR to watch because I am so addicted to Big Brother, but this year my DVR is actually empty…… I didn’t even know Tiffany was evicted…. It’s not that I don’t love the game, I just can’t connect to the cast.

I have watched since season 1 and last year was the first year I cancelled my feeds with weeks to go, I stopped watching 3 weeks prior to the finale, I didn’t like who was in the house and I just felt like it wasn’t for me.

This year the only entertainment was that hot mess Jozea but I was actually thankful when he left, I had hoped that the strategy would begin, but I was wrong, it just turned into the Frank and Paulie’s show…. Once Frank is gone, if he isn’t already, then Paulie will run the game because he’s cute, he’s able to win comps and I read this rather fascinating interview that Julie Chen thinks he will win….

I was delighted to see @RealityRecaps video of the house finding the secret room, it was a fun little twist, but apparently the information from twitter is everyone got a number and whatever number CBS picks will win something??? I am not totally clued in on this at all so I am just going by what I read. It will be interesting who will be given the power…. Probably somebody that CBS feels is good for ratings.

I have cancelled my feeds, CBS were kind enough to give me another month free, so on August 17th they will be cut off, I tried watching other shows on their app but they have commercials! Seriously??? I pay for a service and all CBS does is plugs their other shows? I have switched back to Netflix or CNN to pass the time.

As most of you know earlier this year I was hacked, I lost years and years of posts, I took this as an opportunity to combine all my other sites into one, so Princess Glammy will be about lots of things like, TV shows I watch, Cooking, what gets under my skin, how much I hate my Fitbit (It enrages me that it tells me off for not complying with demands) and basically life in general, oh and my new monster Zelda Love…. Oh she is a monster but I love her dearly!

I hope you guys stay with me, comment on my blogs and if by some miracle I find out via Twitter that Big Brother has actually turned into Big Brother and people are playing the game and not just trying to get to Jury, then I may turn my feeds back on and watch.  I miss the show and interacting with all of you, I really do.  So, fingers crossed things turn around but until then…… Hugs Glams xo



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  1. | September 18, 2018
  1. Tina pumpkie says:

    I’m so glad you said this. I did the same thing you did last year Austin was too much for me. As a fan from day one of bb, the feeds and afterdark I
    Have never done that but I couldn’t stomach it. I went into this season hopeful and grateful as I’m in the middle of chemo and thought perfect timing bb and the chat room will keep me company. But like you CBS dropped the ball last year and this year. There is nothing to like about them or the game or their game playing. Bb has forgotten the fans that want to see people who love the show and the real players not two seasons of recruits that haven’t watched, just want a paid vacation, beg to go to jury and don’t know what a Pandora’s box is! Even the fans we were a community talked looked out for each other now you cannot even say ..”I don’t lie Tiffany as a player” without getting attacked by the many Vanessa lover’s. Your called a hater and driven right out of conversations. In 18 years I’ve never hated a houseguest but this generation is all about being haters or bullies. I was called a Bullie for having the opinion that Tiffany was sitting in a bed crying, talking and acting Like Vanessa . For being not so nice to some hgs which wAs okay because it was her and she was loyal and truthful hello Vanessa? She was upset when she perceived people were mean to her but when she did it it was funny. The tipping point for me was her asking for a penalty nom Over day’s braid flip. Hgs need to grow up because to me it was here is another spoiled Russo who can’t play nice. I just went away for 3 weeks no cable no dish no cell. Normally that would never happen during bb. I eat sleep shower and clean on a hamster schedule glued to the feeds. It didn’t bother me one bit to miss 3 weeks and I thought that would be the first thing I did but nope still haven’t. Bb needs to wake up before its cancelled. Same thing with the U.K. Stopped watching it. What is the point when hgs can quit and come back daily or refuse to do tasks? Don’t get me started on bbcan where I spent over a month banned because a Kelsey fan didn’t like what I had to say about her. I’m told old to deal with fans starting fights not being able to speak my mind and getting banned for no reason. Sadly it has not kept me company through chemo . But I’m glad I’m not alone feeling this way and I’m sure ther are more of us. I’ll follow you anywhere I love your blog and you

    • betty says:

      Tina, so sorry to hear you are undergoing chemo, been there, done that and now my significant other is in the middle of this too, with little hope. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

      Tiffany was a joke and turned out to be even more insecure than Vanessa! YES, Vanessa was one of the most hated HG’s in the BB House and to be honest I think all those so called fans were just a handful of Vanessa’s friends posting under different names. Just my opinion.

      I do agree with you about CBS’s selection of the HG’s. There are millions of fans around the country, yet they manage to seek out players who know nothing about the show. I don’t understand this. Hopefully production will wake up soon and hear our pleas.

      I still continue to watch and find myself in the minority this year, as I love DaVonne. I don’t understand why fans dislike her so much. How would they feel if they were in an alliance with two couples in a showmance?

      I guess I just keep hoping for the best, as I have followed the show since it began.

      Just hanging in there. Have a great day!

    • Glammy says:

      I totally understand and thank you for following my blog xoxo I hope your health is now better xoxox Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been getting my daughter ready for Jr year and my husbands birthday.

  2. betty says:

    I am so disappointed you are not into BB this season. I think it far more interesting than the last few seasons have been and I love seeing the new comps. I keep changing my mind about the HG’s. I really didn’t like Victor and Paul at first, but now they are both growing on me. I loved Davone in the beginning, then I disliked her and now I find myself liking her again. I never thought I would say anything negative about Nicole, but after seeing how whiny and insecure she is around Corey, I have changed my mind about her too!! This entire season has me on a LIKE/DISLIKE roller coaster.

    I love reading all your posts, especially the cooking recipes, although I am not a vegetarian.
    Hopefully something will happen in the BB House to spark your interest again. You are a wonderful writer and I always looked forward to your posts about BB.

    Have a great day!!

    • Tina pumpkie says:

      I agree the comps have been great thank god we got help from bbcan

    • Glammy says:

      For you Betty I will post a few meat recipes 🙂 I am sorry that you also had health issues and I am happy that you are better now. I hope that your partner recovers quickly and know that you are both in my thoughts Hugs Glams xo

  3. Della Gordon says:

    I agree Glammy…I too have watched since BB1. As a Canadian, I was upset when they blocked us, now they make us jump through some hoops to watch live feeds. Last year was the first year I never got feeds. Yes I know I can go to 7 Eleven, get an American Express, buy a VPN etc. However, I found I could find my information on twitter etc. and still enjoy the show?? This year again – no feeds for me, I am like you and just can’t get behnd this cast. I do still participate but it seems like a chore, rather than my summer entertainment of years past. I am not ready to say goodbye, but I find myself thinking ahead to BBCanada instead. I do watch all the Housewives, currently 3 shows going, and I actually find myself enjoying the summer (outside) activities more. Thanks for your Blogs, I do enjoy them…Cheers !

    • Tina pumpkie says:

      I feel your pain had to do that to watch bbcan. But unlike CBS global doesn’t care if the chat room is a nightmare where your targeted bullied and blocked for weeks because you don’t like someone’s favorite houseguest, every single time I got unblocked within minutes blocked again just from liking a comment. Global wouldn’t respond to emails tweets there were a group of 6 of us. At least with CBS they look into these kind of games and ban the idiot playing games. So I jumped thru hopes paid 12 for a Vpn only to be blocked for over 5 weeks, to me it’s not just the game but the ability to chat with other fans. For me bbcan was a bust

    • Glammy says:

      Della they really screwed you guys over last year with the block, it’s just not fair. You guys have been with the show since day 1 and now all the hassle you have to go thru to see the feeds is just stupid. Now rumor is that BB19 will be internet only and I have no idea how this affects you!

  4. bobovnvet says:

    Sorry you are not going to do the BB Blog anymore my dear friend…Thanks for all you have done !💕 I hope to see you soon luv…………….. :mrgreen:

  5. Well said Glammy … I was só hoping this year was an All Stars bring back PB & J long comps we can all watch in The live feeds I’ll follow You anywhere Glammy to just show me The Way Lots Of Love (My old Twitter was also hacked Last year) KittyGinaMeow (I added The Meow when MeowMeow was in BB) ❤️❤️❤️

    • Glammy says:

      Sorry you were hacked Gina, thankfully my twitter hasn’t been… yet!!! I am not happy with BB now that the rumor is that BB19 is only internet via All Access this just gets worse by the moment. I would love PB&J back in the mix and long comps that you can watch, apparently this year they have even blocked the damn comps from the feeders! UGH

  6. Julie says:

    Great article, but I am really missing your recaps of BB they were hilarious and on point. Will still enjoy your blog.

  7. Alicyn says:

    I need to just cancel mine too. i stopped watching the live feeds weeks ago. I kept them to watch comps, and now this season they aren’t showing them. Well said as always.

    I will always keep following your blog!

    • Glammy says:

      Thanks Ali!!!! When you do cancel they will offer you a month free!! To watch commercials during other shows! LOL Mines expire on the 17th August and it can’t come soon enough, I have even removed the app from my iPad….

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