Fitbit Drives Me Crazy!

2016-03-31_1345Oh what was I thinking? I so wanted an iWatch to keep me active and count my steps….. I went to the Apple store and tried on a few watches, they looked cool on the website but in real life they weren’t so great, they were too big and clunky for me, I needed something a little smaller…. I ended up getting a Fitbit and yes it’s totally changed my life….. it’s also made me go completely insane! LOL

Fitbit tracks your steps, water intake, calories used and consumed, sleep, etc…. gives you little badges to tell you “You are amazing” Sounds fantastic, right? It probably is if you are a regular human that doesn’t obsess over stupid shit, 24 hours a day!

With the Fitbit you link it to your phone, easy and fun….. until you start watching all the little lines turn from blue to yellow to orange and you try your damnedest to get all the lines to GREEN!! Taking the first few steps you feel awesome but then you sit for a few minutes, suddenly a few minutes have turned into about 20 and your wrist is vibrating telling you to get up and make your goal of 250+ steps for the hour…… If you don’t make the steps then your line won’t turn green and then you (namely me) feel like a failure…..

If you take a nap, and accidentally oversleep you won’t get to make your hourly step quota… 250+ steps an hour missed but you miraculously made up for the 1 hour of sleep Fitbit said you needed, and did not get, from the night before and that little bar turns green but you screwed up the damn hourly step thing……

2016-03-31_1342It’s a vicious cycle of disappointment, especially if you are anything close to being the nutcase I am…. I can’t even have a notification on my phone, it must be cleared immediately, if the phone says I have unread emails (I am hyperventilating at the screenshot)…… I freak and they must be fake read immediately…. I say fake read because I found the setting that I can suddenly mark all as read, it truly was a godsend that little button.

2016-03-31_1346Anyway, back to Fitbit….. I guess it will be a great tool for making me get up and walk around, I am frantically trying to write this blog before the bloody thing tells me I am about to fail at yet another task, that apparently normal people have no problem accomplishing….. I really want to make this Fitbit work out for me… I want more badges and there is a setting where I am able to tease/taunt my friends to help “motivate” them into walking and moving, which totally sounds like an adult thing to do….. So I will keep you all updated on my future failures…… I mean my achievements that I make……. while using this cute little vibrating wrist thing…. Fitbit really is driving me Crazy!



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