Black Lives Matter by Mr Glam…Don’t Run

Hi everyone, Mr. Glam here. I’m hijacking Glammy’s website for a bit. The Black lives matter movement, Highly controversial among white people, pro-law enforcement, conservatives, 2nd amendment folks, etc. BTW I am all of those, but I want to share my journey regarding Black lives matter. I’m a 45 year old white guy raised on a farm on the eastern shore of Maryland. My father was a sophomore in high school when segregation of blacks and whites ended in our home town, I believe this was a difficult change for him and his friends. My home farm, until the mid-1970s had a black farm-hand that literally sat at a school desk in the corner to eat lunch while the whites ate at the dining room table. Me, a child of 5-6 could even see the wrong in that… scratch that, I’m sure I didn’t see that as wrong but confusing at that age. My grand-father and all that came before him were racists, I don’t say that in a derogatory way, because I love my family and heritage. I just say it as fact.

So after a little family background, what are my thoughts on “Black lives matter”? I remember the first time I heard it… My reaction was a strong “ef that!! All lives matter” And then I, for a long time, basked in my white privilege (ignored it). I laughed at the Facebook dog memes “Black labs matter”, I nodded my head for “Blue lives matter” Yep. I DID NOT GET the old hippie white guy holding the “Black Lives Matter” sign on the side of the road. I didn’t get it at all. So when I realized it wasn’t going away overnight, I decided to look into it a little further. So apart from the select individuals that have used the Black lives matter catchphrase to commit violence and insight rioting and looting. “Black Lives Matter” is a group of mothers (parents) that want their sons (children) to come home safely. I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to come home safely. So yes, All Lives Matter, but if you have negative feelings toward the Black Lives Matter catchphrase or movement, you’re part of the problem. I did a little research and I get it now.

I’m pro-equality for the human race!!

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  1. Deb in SF says:

    Major kudos to you, Mr. Glam, for stepping out of your comfort zone, educating yourself, and actually changing your mind! Makes my heart sing!

  2. Kay Harris says:

    So proud of who you are!

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