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2016-06-23_0941So apparently Big Brother 19 will be streamed on the internet only, starting around October 1st 2016, if the rumors are to be believed…. I won’t be watching, I’ll be watching all my favorite shows that are on vacation right now!

How on earth CBS thinks this is a good idea is beyond me, why would they deliberately put their summer staple against shows like NCIS and Bull is just insane! Then of course you have Criminal Minds and nobody gets between me and my CM cast (I literally cried when Shamar Moore quit)

Oh as an added bonus you will have to pay $5.99 a month for All Access….. So they are now trying to charge TV viewers to watch a show they watch for free during the summer? Also How will Canada be able to watch?? Since CBS blocked Canada from watching the feeds last year…… unless they literally go via the dark net to watch….. It’s all just totally weird!

The TV viewers that watch during the summer are NOT going to switch platforms and leave the comfort of their sofas to watch All Access when How to Get Away with Murder is on… They are not missing Blue Bloods or The Voice for this mess…. They are going to continue watching SHOWS and not the internet, I can tell you 2 people that don’t even know how to access the feeds and all they do is watch the show…. I am sure everyone reading knows 2 people in the same boat!

As for Julie Chen…. I can’t really believe that she would take a demotion to Internet Show Host… Come on she already has The Talk and summer BB would she really embarrass herself by doing an internet show? I think not, so I am guessing that Jeff will take over…. because he is an internet host!

What if they put Big Brother 19 on POP…… well that would be a demotion for the show also, suddenly you’re on a channel I don’t even know how to find! I literally have no idea if we even have the channel! Who would then host? Would they allow Jeff to go on a real TV show or would they find somebody else? Julie on POP, can’t see it!

So that is it…. I am not happy, I hope some of you are OK with these potential changes…. I am miserable about it, also will BB20 also be on the internet or air on CBS? If it’s All Stars and they cast BB19 people, half of us will not even know who the hell they are! Thoughts??????

Hugs Glams




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  1. FYI – I JUST found out that POP is on U-verse now – it is channel 185 or 1185 (HD). I typically just DVR it now and watch it when I feel like it so I can FF through. So bad this year….

    • Glammy says:

      Let me go check!!! I will have to find this channel, we just changed cable providers and I can’t find it for the life of me lol

  2. Emm says:

    If they actually believe we are going to pay to watch when normal shows come back on…forget it. As a matter of fact, whether normal shows are in or not, I’m not paying to watch. Stop trying to get is to pay to watch shows that are/were on TV. If you push to hard, people may push back and stop watching altogether.

  3. Tina says:

    Ugh had a whole response typed up and lost it so I apologize if it appears twice. Like many of us I’ve watched since season one day. The show, the feeds, after dark. My life in the summer revolved around BB. My family use to watch it with me (but they grew up lol), they knew when it was bb time I ate, slept, showered like a hamster. I wouldn’t miss a show or the feeds so if stuff couldn’t be done around a hamster’s schedule well it didn’t get done. Myself like many fans this is our “thing” we are all like this. You were excited for months waiting for the new season to start, for the new house to be shown for the hgs to be revealed. Big Brother was an amazing show with incredible fans. I thought last year was a fluke your bound to get hgs you don’t like, although i think last year went beyond that but you shake it off and hope for the best. Big Brother’s Cbs feels to realize the kind of community and friendships built on this show. The fans have created their own bb family on the feeds in the chat room. You come to depend on seeing the same people you bond with them they are there for you. I’m in the middle of treatments and I knew at the end of a computer in the Cbs chat room I had a family that would support me and be there for me and they are. But when most of the people in chat stop watching the feeds and shows and use the chat room to just chat you have a problem. But Cbs refuses to listen to anyone. think the fans will just pay and put with anything which we won’t. We can form a chat group a facebook page and we will because honestly not many care about the show at his point that is how bad CBS and BB have messed up. They have taken an amazing game and concept and ruined it. I thought last years hgs were bad. It was the first time ever in any season that I stopped watching feeds and the show. Fans spoke up and Cbs didn’t listen. So you think okay bad cast this year will be better. But no they don’t do an all star cast that every fan has been waiting for. They don’t take true fans who for years have tried to get on. You don’t give a mix of ages one older guy that is gone before the show even starts. You give us a cast of almost all recruits that just want to get famous or have a paid vacation and even more insulting they don’t even know how the game is played. Add in the self entitled siblings one who sat in bed for weeks and then cried no one talks to me. Hello she did that to herself and did bb really think we needed another russo last year was enough. Let’s not forget the poor victim she was calling for a penalty nom over a braid flip. Even more disgusting Corey’s brother another entitled sibling who can’t shut his mouth over a female hgs body part and not in a good way. Why isn’t bb stepping in? They give us a house full of recruits that don’t know the game don’t care are not punished so weeks later we are still getting constant fishing over singing, movie quotes etc. why not grow a pair CBS and punish them like the uk series. How insulting to pay for feeds and get constant fish because hgs think they are above the rules. Would I pay to watch if I had to yes because I pay to watch nextfilx hulu, my uk chanel and vpn to watch BBUK. But to pay to watch what BB is no not a chance. It seems Julie Chen and CBS don’t listen or care the only way they will is to not pay to not watch. This will be the death of BB in my opinion. If you told me two years ago BB would be cancelled I would have been crushed now wouldn’t bother me in the least. Shame on Cbs for not listening to the fans, for ruining an amazing show.

    • Tina says:

      Do not even get me started on pop tv and bbad its a joke and a waste. Again CBS blew it when they left showtime and fans told them that but once again do they listen no they do not. Pop tv and bbad is nothing but the feeds playing without a commercial

    • Glammy says:

      I was just like you!!! I used to go to forums, chat rooms met great people…. I can’t believe what has happened to the show

      • MissG says:

        I gave up on feeds SIX years ago because this is not the BB I had grown to look forward to.

        • Glammy says:

          I gave up last year 3 weeks before the end because I hated the cast, this year I just couldn’t stomach it at all. I really can’t stand watching anymore. It’s just not the same as it used to be 🙁

    • bobovnvet says:

      WOW that was a long post….LOL😝

  4. bobovnvet says:

    Thanks for this Post Glammy……….💜

  5. Glammy says:

    It’s been confirmed by CBS that Julie Chen will host the show and it will be available only on All Access this fall…..

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