Big Brother 18 Finally Feeds!!

2016-06-24_0254So after watching 2 rather boring episodes of Big Brother, I really didn’t have much hope for the Live Feeds but oh I was wrong!!! We have alliances, dumb house guests, back stabbing, blindsides galore and punishment outfits that are quite sheer!!! It looks like it will be a fun summer after all.

2016-06-24_0106The feeds came on and to my utter joy the house guests were unaware they were on live, for over an hour they had no clue until Nicole came out of the DR went to the Safari room and started sniffling and sobbing about her family…. Then we got the shout outs to family and friends and Corey started freaking out because he was now convinced that because he had conversations with Jozea people would think he was gay…. Jozea made up a ship name Cozea and Corey overreacted for most of the night claiming he didn’t want anyone to talk about it but didn’t shut up about it!

2016-06-24_0225We have our first major alliance, it’s called 8 Pack (Think bomb squad….that worked out exceptionally well…. an 8 person alliance how original) Which consists of Nicole, James, Da’vonne, Frank, Tiffany, Corey, Michelle and Zakiyah….. Now this could also be looked at as the Brigade (the 4 vets each having their person) but I think this is really an 8 person alliance…. Sigh.

2016-06-24_0129_001Michelle, who looks a little to comfortable being part of the “in crowd” is already making snide remarks about the rest of the house calling them ” Stupid Squad” I personally think any newbie that makes an alliance with 4 veterans isn’t exactly the brightest bulb but keep of being snide Michelle it’s such a good look on you……

2016-06-24_0113Zakiyah’s job is to flirt with Paulie and keep him happy and deflect him away from the truth….. Which is….. he’s not part of the alliance, she accomplishes this by stroking his leg or hair, which ever is in within reach…..  When he leaves the room she expresses how guilty she feels for playing him…. baby you are gorgeous, you are playing BB, stroke and flirt away it’s called GAME!

2016-06-24_0228_002Basically the entire house have nicknamed Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette “The Power Puffs” they are not well liked and everyone makes fun of them….. Zakiyah’s impersonation of Bronte was spot on… Bronte is still wearing her Gymbore barrette in her hair, I am now convinced it is actually glued on there, that thing doesn’t move and appears to be the same one from 10 days ago…. Anyway I can’t stand the Puffs they drive me nuts with their cutie pie BS and hideous voices.

2016-06-24_0218_001Paul thinks he is with Da’vonne and so does Jozea….. both of them are hated by her, but she is playing a different game, last night she said that she could of blown up on Paul a couple of times so far but has chosen to keep her cool and smile and laugh and pretend she is on board with him…..

2016-06-24_0323As for Jozea he is a hot mess, strutting around in his panties…. He’s basically Grande without a famous sister…. It’s horrible, just horrible to watch and he isn’t cute or funny…. please BB tell him to put on some pants! Jozea is totally convinced he is running the house!!! He has no idea that he is the target and nobody can stand him, he was been making nasty comments prior to the feeds and I won’t even repeat what Da’vonne said they were….. such nastiness. Bye Jozea

2016-06-24_0108The punishment for Frank, Michelle, Bridgette and Paulie was to wear pixilated naked outfits, at first I really thought Frank was lying in bed naked…. It was hilarous to watch them try to pry out nude colored spanx from their asses and complain that the knickers were too small….. Frank is now on his 2nd pair which are large but they are still digging in to him so BB are looking for an EXTRA LARGE to accommodate his rather large arse…


2016-06-24_0152Today we have the new comp…. I noticed last night that the Nominations Chairs had been replaced by a sofa, so maybe there will be 3 people up for eviction, maybe the winner of the new competition gets to name a third nominee??? Who knows but I am sure it will make things interesting!! Until tomorrow hugs Glamsxo


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