Big Brother 18 also known as Boring Brother

2016-07-12_1531What a disappointment this season currently is, first we had that hot disaster Jozea, who thought he was the Messiah, funny to write about but horrific to watch and listen too.  Then Victor went, he was at least slightly more enjoyable to watch…. but alas they got rid of him instead of one of the boring girls or that piece of wallpaper Corey!

2016-06-24_1311_001I really am having a terrible time enjoying the game, because it’s Frank’s game but just like his mentor, Boogie, he is going to go down in flames and maybe then things will be fun to watch.  I watch Big Brother to see people playing a game, with amazing strategies, remember the 6 finger plan and how CBS actually had to change the whole way the Veto players were picked because of this? It was amazing in the old days…. yes I can say old days because we are on season 18!

2016-07-12_1526_001The girls of 18 are either in a showmance or a stupid Powder Puff alliance who squeal and jump around like 12 year olds who just got a re-tweet from Justin Bieber….. I can’t listen to the baby voices (which are apparently real) of Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie anymore…. They totally think they are in charge of the game and they are so not!!! If I hear how “golden” they are one more time……… I may vomit!

2016-06-26_2137Corey is in some weird showmance with Nicole, who remember said she wouldn’t get involved with another person on a reality show after Hayden…. well that lasted for about 4 hours, now she is hot and limp with Corey, hoping this one will put a ring on it…. Corey by the way doesn’t know what state he is currently in and has absolutely no clue about how this game is played or how to win the damn thing….. Nicole she is still whining and complaining…. Seriously it’s that bad!

2016-07-11_0234Zakiyah  I do like, actually I kinda love her…… I hope she is playing Paulie because Paulie is playing her, he has no intention of taking her to anywhere near the final 5….. She is gorgeous, sexy and smart and if she is playing the game I think she is playing then boom she could be the winner if she cuts that hot bodied man loose at the right time!

2016-07-11_1504Michelle, she doesn’t know what the hell she is doing, mouthy and nasty about basically everyone, she then got wasted drunk and stated calling herself Big Meech…. Had a rap battle, once again hilarious to watch but her sleeping, moaning and bitching strategy isn’t good game!!!

2016-07-11_1448Tiffany is on the block, and for the first time in 3 weeks somebody is fighting to stay, with help from Da’vonne she may actually have a chance…. Day could turn the house against Frank (he wants Tiff out this week) If this works I would be elated if the Puff known as Bronte walked out the door and Day, Tiff and Paul joined forces and took over the game.  It would be an awesome thing to witness Frank falling apart because he played way too hard and bossed everyone around and made snide comments and slapped girls on their butts.

2016-07-12_1706Paulie…. OK he can stay a while…. Just look at the picture, no words required, but he can’t win because he’s cute!




2016-07-09_1540James is playing the flirt with everyone game, crack crappy jokes and do silly pranks, just think last year but with a bigger ego and you have James 2.0…. He can leave any day now, seriously, either door will be fine, just go! Bye, see you never…


Da’vonne I so want in the final 2 with Zakiyah, Day has come back to play, yes she kinda lost it last week a bit but she pulled herself together and is trying to take over the house, because somebody has to or they are going to just hand Frank a check! Day is there to win that money and take it home to her baby! I love that she is determined to win this year and instead of flipping out on people she just nods and smiles and keeps it all in check…. If she needs to vent or cry she does that in the DR, excluding the butt slapping and the slut comments from Frank that really pissed her off, as it would me, so I totally get it.

2016-07-11_0023_001Oh one last thing…. I still don’t understand this……. It’s just ghastly to look at! Until I can actually watch the show again, hugs Glams xo




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  1. bobovnvet says:

    So Happy to see you Glammy💕 I thought that the last post was the end my dear! Thank you for anew post! I was so sorry to read about Zelda my friend…I know how you felt my dear…. Thanks for sharing…………💜 Your friend Bob

  2. bobovnvet says:

    One more thing you are so right Zakiyah, Is so hot😍

  3. bobovnvet says:

    Looks like it’s just me again ❓ Thanks again Glammy see you soon my dear💕

  4. bobovnvet says:

    I need a hero! Wow what a great video, thanks Glammy 💜

  5. betty says:

    Loved the write up Glammy and my feelings are almost the same, with the exception of DaVonne. She seems to be up to her old tricks again by trying to stir the pot and I believe IF Frank leaves DaVonne will end up being the next Mastermind that no one likes. DaVonne is too paranoid and I think her lack of trust will be her Waterloo! I love Zakiyah and I do hope she makes it to the final two. Have a great day!!

    • Glammy says:

      After tonight I have to agree, she totally threw down and went with Frank….. Sadly I think Tiffany is now leaving and Frank is still in charge… Nicole is now terrified of Frank and basically told him everything ugh I just can’t with this cast LOL

  6. Lostie says:

    Oh Dear Glammy… i knew u wasnt going to stick with BB this summer… u ALWAYS Quit Blogging every year cause u start to HATE it… i feel the OPPOSITE of u… i been just LOVING BB18… Everything u talked about BB18… im saying the Opposite… except i want to see a All Female Black Final 2…

    it’s too bad u NEVER Reply to ur few comments on ur Blog …☺…

    • Glammy says:

      I always try to respond to the comments Lostie, sometimes I just totally miss them, I will make sure I look out for yours xoxo Last year was the first year I quit and that was 3 weeks before the end, for the past 16 seasons prior to that I stuck it out, but last year I just didn’t like the cast. 🙂

  7. starfish says:

    I too like Da and Z and I just hope Da can keep herself in check and play this dang game. I’m loving the comps this year and the RV thingy especially. At least that’s different. As for some of the children in the house, smh. As for Frank, I thought I was going to like him but he’s making it very difficult to like him even a little bit. What a goof pissing everyone off.

  8. Della Gordon says:

    Thanks. your blogs are great ! Luv Della G>

  9. A little mouse (not a mouse for you Zelda) said that they got a dumb cast so the vets would have a chance. Um not dumb enough? lol I think I am glad I have a very busy summer.

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