A House Divided

2016-07-12_1545It get’s crazier by the moment, if you look away from the feeds for a second the house flips…. Yesterday there was an effort to save Tiffany and within a blink of an eye she was back to going home! Showmances turned into No-mances, A tale of 2 Derricks emerged, the Puffs got a camera and Frank still thinks he is in charge.

2016-07-13_0037Da’vonne did her best to try to rally the troops to save Tiffany, but Paulie (aka Derrick 2.0.1) wasn’t having any of it, Paulie want’s Tiffany out of the house and he wants her out right now.  So the plan immediately fell flat and Nicole, Corey, Day all conceded to Paulie for some bizarre reason and that’s that…. Even though Nicole made a good case that Bronte was coming after her next week, Corey said the same thing…better get out Bronte, but Derrick 2.0.1 said NO!!!

2016-07-13_0035_001Both Zakiyah/Paulie and Nicole/Corey are basically No-Mances…. Paulie wants to “cool it down” with Zak and she is a little upset that he wants to pull away from her, especially after she “laid” in bed with him…. Paulie is claiming it’s best for their games not to be seen as a couple, but I think it’s because he wants to flirtmance with Bronte and Natalie to keep them as side votes and himself safe if their team gets HOH… So Zak is now single and free to mingle and Paulie is ready to play.

2016-07-12_2135Nicole has no idea that her showmance with Corey isn’t actually a showmance, she called him the most beautiful man in the world to the other girls last night….. Around the same time he was telling the boys that he is just friends with her and she is his team mate….. Not exactly what Nicole was going for….. I am not sure if Corey really likes her or not, this may be game but I am leaning towards she totally misread the situation and while she was thinking of wedding dresses, he was thinking about Cabo with the boys if he wins money…..

2016-07-13_0033Now onto an interesting snippet that I caught on the feeds a few days ago, both Paulie (Derrick 2.0.1) and James (Derrick 2.0.2) were coached by Derrick prior to coming on the show!!! They both talked separately with D and neither knew the other was chatting with him, getting pointers on how to play the game…. So we now have 2 guys in the house that think they are playing D’s game and it’s not going to end well.  If I hear Paulie say one more time “Derrick said” I think I will break something! Both boys were told No Showmances….. Well they didn’t listen to that part because both of them started one…. Natalie is being stroked and snuggled by James now….. who is kinda falling all over himself for her….

2016-07-12_1521The Puffs were over the moon at getting a camera yesterday, the giggled their way thru the house snapping picks of sleeping house-guest’s, Paul muttered that Bridge was a “Giggle Monster” and tried to go back to sleep…. They jumped on things (Bridge’s ankle made a miraculous recovery and she was bouncing everywhere) Bronte squealed, Nat looked cute and played along and Bridge shouted “Again, Again!!!!!” It was pathetic!!! I seriously can’t stand the sight of these girls, they have to go….. The Golden Ones have to bloody well go!!!

2016-07-12_2346The best part of the feeds right now is how Frank (who is looking more and more like Richard Simmons by the day) is getting played, he is basically in the same situation as he was on his previous season EVERYONE WANTS HIM OUT!!! This time around however, he is unaware of the situation and totally thinks he is running everything, telling people to throw comps, who should be HOH from what team and when….. While the rest of the house is planning his downfall and backdoor! He’s plotting on getting Da’vonne out next week, if not her then either Bronte or Natalie…. He really wants Natalie gone so he can rope James back in because James is “smitten” However the house plan is he will be the Road Kill victim and everyone will vote him out….

So the house is divided…. We have Frank on one side and everyone else on the other……. It’s going to be a blood bath, especially since one of these players is returning and it may actually be Frank!!!! Until later, Glams xo



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  1. Remi says:

    Going to get interesting after last nights problems with Nicole. lol

  2. carol Loftus says:

    Great post. Things are getting interesting!

  3. izmeagain says:

    I think Nicole is playing really bad. She’s too “concerned” about Corey and her social game sucks elsewhere plus she action pretty dumb. Big disappointment!

    • betty says:

      I agree, Nicole’s head isn’t in the game. She is too preoccupied with wedding plans, which is unfortunate because I don’t think Corey is that into her!!

  4. izmeagain says:

    oops typos. my bad.

  5. bobovnvet says:

    Coming fast & hard! Thanks for a new post already 🙂 I think only a few people know how to play this game 😝

  6. Della Gordon says:

    Yes thanks for great blog. I haven’t got feeds this year…not sure if I will at all. This helps keep up with these crazies. Luv Della G.

  7. betty says:

    Thanks for another great write up Glammy. Everyone loves a villain and I think Frank makes things interesting in the house. I hope Tiffany goes tomorrow followed by Bridgette and Bronte. I just can’t take these 5th graders anymore!

  8. bobovnvet says:

    I did not see BBAD but watch later? Anyway I do hope they don’t flip just yet & Tiffany really needs to go, can’t stand her picking her face & putting stuff in her mouth, yuck …… :mrgreen: & If that don’t work I’ll try this 😜😜😜

  9. bobovnvet says:

    Last night was good! What does anybody here think ❓ 😜

  10. bobovnvet says:

    How is everyone doing today ❓ …………………. :mrgreen:

  11. bobovnvet says:

    BB tonight! Who is going home ? :mrgreen:

  12. bobovnvet says:

    I think I need to get rid of this tab………..Hope to get a E-mail soon Glammy…. :mrgreen: so long!!

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